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Sklar Law provides professional and compliant legal services to help creditors enforce their rights.

Financial Literacy

We offer consumers access to free helpful tools and educational information through online resources from trusted sources that can build financial literacy and lead to financial wellness.

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Payment Options

Sklar Law offers flexible payment options that include self-service via our online payment portal, live representative support over the phone, and payments through the mail.

Client Services

Sklar Law is a full-service commercial law firm that provides the highest quality legal services in the areas of creditors rights, landlord-tenant law, and bankruptcy.

About Sklar Law, LLC

Sklar Law represents clients ranging from large national corporations to small local retail stores and individuals across New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Using a combination of highly skilled staff and the latest technology, we ensure that all matters are handled efficiently and effectively for our clients’ optimal return on investment and reputation protection. Our team remains compassionate but firm to help secure what is justly due while ensuring legal compliance and respect for consumers throughout the process.

“The nature of any business, unfortunately, leads to a percentage of bad debts. Hann typically assigns files to Mr. Sklar to collect balances that Hann was unable to resolve internally. Mr. Sklar is able to obtain judgment on our behalf and collect on balances that Hann otherwise would have had to write off as bad debt.”
– Carol E., Hann Financial Services Corporation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place my claim with Sklar Law, LLC?2022-03-24T23:10:36-04:00

You may email us with the pertinent information. If you prefer, you may always phone or fax us with your claim details. In all cases, we will perform a conflicts check to make sure we can handle your claim and will then contact you to discuss the terms of our representation.

Email: andy@sklarlaw.com

Phone: (856) 258-4050

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm Eastern 

Fax: (856) 258-6941

How long will it take to collect my claim?2022-03-24T23:07:16-04:00

This will depend on whether it is necessary to file a lawsuit to enforce collection. We generally recommend filing suit if your obligor will not resolve the claim amicably at the outset of our collection efforts. With the recent budget cuts, many New Jersey Courts suffer from staffing shortages that delay the processing of routine paperwork in both contested and uncontested cases. Contested lawsuits are typically resolved in 6–18 months or less, depending on whether the matter is heard in Special Civil Part (for balances less than $15,000) or Superior Court (for balances in excess of $15,000).

Can I recover my attorney’s fees from the consumer?2022-03-24T23:07:13-04:00

You may be able to recover reasonable attorney’s fees as determined by the court if you have a written agreement signed by your consumer that contains a provision allowing either one or both parties to recover attorney’s fees in the event suit is filed to enforce the agreement. In a contested case, you can recover your fees only if the court determines that you are the prevailing party. Unless there is a statute providing for the recovery of attorney’s fees in your specific type of case, you will not be able to recover attorney’s fees without a signed contract providing for them.

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